Welcome to my blog everyone

Welcome to my Travel Blog everyone. I hope you Enjoy... please don't forget to visit my other site for the photos. www.pixie-constance.bebo.com.

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Thursday, 3 January 2008

The End of an Era

Well everyone, we are now back safe and sound in good ole australia. I must appologise for the lack of posts in our last week or two of holidays, but i had nowhere to post from.

We are now back to figuring out about moving down to NSW.

We are flying down on the 16th to try and find somewhere to live for 6 months before we bit the bullet and buy a house.

so for the moment i am signing off on Travelling Fine until a new opportunity to make another blog presents itself.

If you need to get hold of me you can email, or post a message to this blog, and i will still receive messages from this.


Thursday, 29 November 2007

Muinch beer tour.....

hmmmm.....beer and food crawl.....what will happen here...

"Iv'e got a pretzel..."

fooooood.......dumplings....pork.......cow's udder snitzel...

"A WHOLE LITRE of beer..."


Munich Beer Hall

I've been drinking....

"I can't believe i'm climbing on this thing.... HELP....!!!!"

" I made it..."


"Sarah's been drinking.."

Random picture of a palace...

At an Indian restaurant...


The Palace...

Royal Jewels

Munich and the Snow

About to jump on this train to Fussen and go up a mountain to see a castle. It is snowing in the city ...i wonder if it will be snowing up there....

Chris pondering this point while noticing the increasing amount of snow on the ground over our two hour train ride.

I know..... "I will jump into the snow head first..." says Chris, "That will be fun!"
Airborn...... "geeeeroonamoooooo....."


"Falling over again????"

"Oh no!! I'm covered in snow!!!! this will be cold on the two hour ride back home....."

"I did it!!!!"

Dude! Where's my car????


Trecking through the snow.

"It's Snowing..."

I'm an idiot!!!

Another pretty castle.... i forgot that is why we went to Fussen....for the Castle...

ABC (another bloody castle)

ABC (front enterance)


ABC - inside-


Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Slovakia - Bratislava

Hey all here are the photos as promised... excuse the lack of explanation but internet (even WIFI) is reeeeallllly expensive.
This is the beer that a random idiot of a scotsman stole off us and drank infront of us!!!!

The ice hockey game we all went to and got totally smashed...

The beer stack..

View from the train from Bratislava to vienna (sorry this photo should be last)

At the bar in the hostel

Boys will be boys.... (adam and chris)

Boys will be boys mark II

The lack of fridge space in the hostel was NOT a problem...


All Hail the beer gods...

my first real look at lots of snow...
(now over the cold)

Chris is overjoyed..

Adam looking pensive...

"I'm the King of the mountain..."

STOP throwing snowballs ADAM!!!!!!

Bascially lots of fun and snow balls. I don't have the picture, but Chris threw one at me that actually hit me and went all down my coat... the BASTARD!!!

We are now in Vienna...

going to Munich in the next few days. However the temperature has gone up in the past week and it is no longer sub zero. that means RAIN not SNOW....