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Welcome to my Travel Blog everyone. I hope you Enjoy... please don't forget to visit my other site for the photos. www.pixie-constance.bebo.com.

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Sunday, 21 October 2007

The Wonderful World of York

Well we are still in Yorkshire, hoping to get some work over the next week if we can.
We are staying with Janet and Richard who have been fan-tastic! Today we went up to York, to visit the Yorvik center and the York museum. The shopping in York is brilliant and i had a great time.

yesterday Chris and Richard went to Leeds (armory) yes...again..... and only managed half of the collection on display. They are threatening to go back..

anyway better be off as this isn't my computer and i have snuck up before dinner.

will try and post some photos soon.


Tuesday, 16 October 2007

right...for all the nosey people....

for all the nosey people who are soooooooo desperate to know where we are......

we are::::

in Yorkshire!!!

weather ok... bit rainy today.

Staying at Auntie Ann's place. Having lots of fun.

Lizzy came up for the weekend.

lots of fun.

Been to visit Chris's grandparents several times.

also...lots of fun.

been to Chatsworth - lots of fun.

been to cussworth hall - lots of fun

been shopping - lots of fun

been to Hardwick old hall - Lots of fun (actually rather brilliant but i can't say anything or it will upset the mood of the post.)

Been to the bathroom several times Lots of fun...

been shopping again - also lots of fun

going to auntie Janet's tomorrow am expecting that to be lots of fun.

so as you can guess we are having "lots of fun" and are quite safely installed in a loverly house in Yorkshire.

:-) :-) :-)

hope everyone is having fun



Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Why back to Germany...

Well in answer to a question from mum "Why back to Germany"

there are lots of answers.

1) it was only 2 hours away by train

2) it cost 80 euro for the both of us both ways

3) Cologne cathedral is the tallest (and in my opinon the best in Europe)

4)"i felt like it"

5) Beer

6) It's another place that we have been scratched off the list

Today we went to a small museum of Cologne. It was tiny and only 2 euro. My hopes were not high. we got in and it was "ok" but not brilliant. Until i saw the most fascinating medieval collection i have seen so far i think. everyone has armor and swords and tapestries and so on, but none have had a collection of items taken off a condemed Patrician in 1389! Yes 1389. Pretty good year. All the items were taken and stored and forgotten about. they are just normal items. like a needle case, about 10 little tiny bags that fell off his belt. Folding spoon in a case, another case, a belt and blah blah blah.... The bags were the biggest eye opener yet. They were very well preserved, one made out of soft leather, but it had little pockets sewn all over it. Another had a cover for the bag made out of mesh!! It also had little ROUND seed pearls the size of normal beads crossing over the seam lines around the two side seams. it was the size of a match box. (see photos below)

As you can see this was pretty cool.

But back to normallity!!

we went out for dinner last night to a really nice place that was about 300 years old.
as you can see they had beer at this place!! we had a really delicious meal of beef covered in a balsamic vinegar and herb sauce with red cabbage and potato dumplings and salad.

(I love this photo!!! Sorry Chris i HAD to put it in...)


Tuesday, 2 October 2007

i'm so sick of posting photos... Bruge...

Ok, Here we are in Cologne posting all the photos that i can stand posting... sorry but this is the end for the moment, i'm going to bed!!!!!!!!

these are the photos of Bruge where Liz and Pedro took us on our first day in Brussels. they spoilt us royally!

such a beautiful city, it even held off raining for our entire walk around the city. It tipped it down on the way and rained on the way back..

enjoy the photos..

Chris and Sarah

Our catelogue of beer...

Liz and I

Chris.. and his new friend...
no introduction...

Pedro, Liz and I

wawel castle - Krakow (poland)

The big bell at top of the bell tower... the most impossible staircase ever. No pictures on the way up cos Chris was a fraidy cat...

view from the top of the tower..

the doorways going down...

A nice part of the staircase..

the (modern) staircase at the end.

the courtyard at the castle..

and again......

Chris's next sword (photo illigally taken while a Polish woman flapped her arms about wildly and spoke in very loud Polish while Chris pretended not to hear...)

the only part of the castle that i can currently find in Photos...the others are in the other folder (i think) but we were very drunk the day we took them... not sure where they are...

some part of the Church at the castle.

Birkenau - auschwitz II

The infamous railway door to Auschwitz II - Birkenau

On the other side of the gates...

from the outside looking in to Birkenau.. so very cold and depressing.. earie...
so many barracks everwhere... you can't get them all in as they didn't fit... you will have to wait ti see the video footage..

from the guard tower (gatehouse) looking down at the barracks that are still standing. In the distance all the burnt down barracks are still visable.

Photos again...sorry

Entrance to Auchwitz I ("work will set you free") this was built before the war for the Polish army. Which is why it looked so "nice" from the outside.


Path between barracks

Kitchens ??

Poland...photos.... late...sorry

walking tour on the second day... so pretty... (krakow)

place where shindler's List was filmed in krakow Jewish town (not the Ghetto)

Inside Shindler's factory.

Outside Shindler's factory

the most awsome restaurant in the world!!!!

Photos from Prague...at last...sorry...

Cathedral at Prague Castle.

battlements at Prague castle.

Chris rocking out in the bar... other band members were on either side...

what i needed to drink that night...

pretty statue....

Baroque Church in Prague (new town)


I know I said I was in Brussels...

I know I said I was in Brussels, however, we decided yesterday to spend three days in Cologne, Yes Germany again.

It was a two hour train ride and our passports were never checked!!!

Chris is typing this for me. That is why it is so legible!!! (and short)


Dinner good.

Hostel good.

Cathedral good...(ed. freakin huge!!!!)

Beer good (ed. Hic).

Weather shit (we are covered in fog...apparently???)

Company...normal (surrounded by drunk Australians...suprise suprise).

Can't think of anything else...we go back to Brussels on Friday to Stay with Claire and Christophe till Monday then stay the night in London before heading to Doncaster on Tuesday to stay with Auntie Anne and then Auntie Janet.

If you want to know more you are nosey bastards. (tough shit we might send you a postcard...MIGHT!)