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Thursday, 29 November 2007

Munich and the Snow

About to jump on this train to Fussen and go up a mountain to see a castle. It is snowing in the city ...i wonder if it will be snowing up there....

Chris pondering this point while noticing the increasing amount of snow on the ground over our two hour train ride.

I know..... "I will jump into the snow head first..." says Chris, "That will be fun!"
Airborn...... "geeeeroonamoooooo....."


"Falling over again????"

"Oh no!! I'm covered in snow!!!! this will be cold on the two hour ride back home....."

"I did it!!!!"

Dude! Where's my car????


Trecking through the snow.

"It's Snowing..."

I'm an idiot!!!

Another pretty castle.... i forgot that is why we went to Fussen....for the Castle...

ABC (another bloody castle)

ABC (front enterance)


ABC - inside-


Anonymous said...

About the ABC Sarah, its straight out from a childs story book. did you get inside,think these photos are among the best so far.

Angela said...

Hey Sarah! For my birthday, could you pleast get me the ABC?
(ps, glad you're having a good time, thanks for the photos!)